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Villa Interior Design Trends That are Going to Lose Importance In 2018

Villa Interior Designing is, in many respects, different from apartment interior designing. Villa, in most cases, is a larger space because of which maintaining coordination in design across floors might sometimes get difficult for the Villa Interior Designer. And what adds to this difficulty are the changing Villa Interior Designing trends. Some of the most prominent interior design trends that were a hit in 2017, but are likely to lose popularity in 2018 are as follows-

1. Granite countertops have been quite a rage all the while, but they no more attract attention. So, it’s likely that villas will have no granite countertops in 2018.

2. Bamboo flooring for Villa Office Interior was quite in trend up until now, because of its eco-friendliness. But this kind of flooring is not much durable, because of which it might get out of sight this year.

3. Exposed lighting has been an excessively popular trend so far. But it is going to be replaced by enclosed lighting in 2018. Lighting plays an important role in Villa Design. A shift in lighting trends can better villa interiors to several degrees.

4. Too much use of open shelving has made it lose its importance. So, we might see less of open shelves in 2018.

These are the trends that are not going to be widespread this year. So, if you own a villa and have an interior designer designing it, then tell them you don’t want these trends to be employed in your house.