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Here Is Why You Should Unhesitatingly say ‘Yes’ To Black Ceilings

Did you know black ceilings are the current favourite of Modern Interior Designers? Yes, they are, notwithstanding how weird you think the idea of black ceilings is. In fact, black ceilings can do to a room what a white or other light-coloured ceiling can’t. Here are a few reasons, why you should get your ceiling painted black-

1. Black ceilings can instantly draw your guests’ attention towards it. So, if you have got an expensive chandelier dangling from the roof, it will get noticed and appreciated.

2. Another reason why Interior Firms in Bangalore love black ceilings is that they help define the area of an interior space.

3. If you consider yourself a Premium Interior Designer, then you will say ‘yes’ to black ceilings for another reason- they echo other elements in the room. If you have used a lot of black in the room, then a black ceiling will help tie things together.

4. Most Professional Interior Designers in Bangalore love to use black ceilings in rooms having high roofs. Why? Because the use of black colour in the ceiling makes it appear lower than actual. This is a great way to make a ceiling look lower without any physical adjustment.

5. Most Modern Interiors in Bangalore feature black ceilings. A big reason behind this is that they add drama to an interior space. For instance, if you remove all the furniture and décor items from a room you will get a boring depth-less box. The mere addition of a black ceiling can add drama to that boring space.

Yes, black ceilings are far away from being boring or tacky. The sooner you realise this, the better it is!