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How to Fill an Empty Corner in the House ?

Empty corners in a house are hard to fill up, and Interior Decorators in Bangalore or any other place for that matter, know this for sure. First, because they are corners and you can’t place anything and everything there without much thought. Otherwise, the corner will stick like a sore thumb. Secondly, corners are small angled areas, and big console tables or large chests can’t be made to fit in such places. So, design companies, especially the Interior Design Companies in Bangalore swear by these following rules for filling up odd empty corners-

1. Interior Designers in Bangalore say that there is nothing that can fill up an empty corner more appropriately than does a planter. A planter, with a beautiful plant- flowering or otherwise- can help fill up an odd empty corner effortlessly.

2. Another amazing way to add life to a dead corner is to place a statue there. Sculptures pep up an interior space beautifully. Make sure you pick the right statue, so that it doesn’t contradict the other items of décor in the house or in that particular room.

3. Interior Designing Companies in Bangalore also prefer designer stools. These stools can be used to place flower vases or other decorative items. Although this is an overly used interior design idea, it hasn’t got old.

Any Interior Design Company in Bangalore would vouch for these rules. If you have ugly empty corners in your house, then following these tips would be the best bet.